Cisco ASA: All-in-one Next-Generation Firewall, IPS, and VPN Services, 3rd Edition

تشخیص حملات ، کاهش و پاسخ به آنها در شبکه های کامپیوتری یکی ازپیچیده ترین مشکلات امروز مدیران شبکه است.

امروز مهاجمان شبکه ها به مراتب خطرناک تر و حملاتشان پیچیده تر و محلکتر نسبت به قبل هستند و در نقطه مقابل نسل جدید فایروال ASA شرکت سیسکو، IPS و سرویس های VPN آن  کاملا به روز شده اند تا پوششی باشند برای محافظت از این حملات سخت و پیچیده. در این کتاب کارشناسان خبره سیسکو؛ طراحی یک طرح امنیتی توسط ASA، استقرار؛ پیکر بندی، و رفع خطای آن را مرحله به مرحله به شما آموزش خواهند داد.

این کتاب موارد اجرایی تمامی نسل های جدید ASA شامل ASA 5500-X ,ASA 5585-X ,ASA Services Module و همچنین پروتوکل ها و روش های امنیتی بروز دنیا در رابطه با شبکه را در برمیگیرد.


یک مدیر شبکه به کمک مطالب این کتاب میتواند مسائل امنتی  شبکه را شناسایی کرده و همچنین روش کانفیگ ASA جهت انطباق با این مسائل را فرا خواهد گرفت.

هر سه نویسنده این کتاب از کارشناسان خبره سیسکو هستند که  با آنها آشنا میشویم.

Jazib Frahim     Jazib Frahim

CCIE® No. 5459 (Routing and Switching; Security), Principal Engineer in the Global Security Solutions team, guides top-tier Cisco customers in security-focused network design and implementation. He architects, develops, and launches new security services concepts. His books include Cisco SSL VPN Solutions and Cisco Network Admission Control, Volume II: NAC Deployment and Troubleshooting.

Omar SantosOmar Santos

CISSP No. 463598, Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) technical leader, leads and mentors engineers and incident managers in investigating and resolving vulnerabilities in Cisco products and protecting Cisco customers. Through 18 years in IT and cybersecurity, he has designed, implemented, and supported numerous secure networks for Fortune® ۵۰۰ companies and the U.S. government. He is also the author of several other books and numerous whitepapers and articles.

Andrew OssipovAndrew Ossipov

CCIE® No. 18483 and CISSP No. 344324, is a Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer focused on firewalls, intrusion prevention, and data center security. Drawing on more than 16 years in networking, he works to solve complex customer technical problems, architect new features and products, and define future directions for Cisco’s product portfolio. He holds several pending patents.


Cisco ASA: All-in-one Next-Generation Firewall, IPS, and VPN Services, 3rd Edition


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چکیده مطالب ارائه شده در کتاب

  1. Understand, install, configure, license, maintain, and troubleshoot the newest ASA devices
  2. Efficiently implement Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) services
  3. Control and provision network access with packet filtering, context-aware Cisco ASA next-generation firewall services, and new NAT/PAT concepts
  4. Configure IP routing, application inspection, and QoS
  5. Create firewall contexts with unique configurations, interfaces, policies, routing tables, and administration
  6. Enable integrated protection against many types of malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs) via Cisco Cloud Web Security and Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO)
  7. Implement high availability with failover and elastic scalability with clustering
  8. Deploy, troubleshoot, monitor, tune, and manage Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) features
  9. Implement site-to-site IPsec VPNs and all forms of remote-access VPNs (IPsec, clientless SSL, and client-based SSL)
  10. Configure and troubleshoot Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  11. Use IKEv2 to more effectively resist attacks against VPNs
  12. Leverage IPv6 support for IPS, packet inspection, transparent firewalls, and site-to-site IPsec VPNs



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